Coton de Tuléar

the "Malagasy national dog"

vom Moseldorfschloss
vom Moseldorfschloss

The Coton de Tulear - little is known about its origin, but to this day, this breed can be found in its original form in Madagascar. Coton de Tulears were exclusive lap dogs for centuries, favored by the wealthy residents of the city of Tulear in southern Madagascar. The breed has only been recognized by the F.C.I. since 1970 and is still not very widespread. In the VDH studbook, only 180-220 puppies are registered each year. In addition to its charming appearance, the Coton de Tulear possesses many behavioral traits unique to few small dog breeds. It has nothing to do with a terrier. A Coton de Tulear doesn't run away during walks; it only strays slightly from its "human pack" and constantly keeps an eye on it.

Its basic nature is calm and balanced. Noteworthy is its robustness; it is not a "fashionable" dog and hopefully never will be!! It is affectionate and playful like a lap dog but also athletic and very intelligent. The Coton de Tulear has a considerable amount of energy when needed. A mature Coton de Tulear is very robust, enduring, and can easily accompany on a mountain hike or a beach walk through the city. The main thing for a Coton de Tulear is that it can be with its family everywhere.

An outstanding characteristic of the Coton de Tulear is to "always" be in a good mood. The Coton de Tulear is always ready for a playful trick. What one must contend with is their attachment. They constantly seek contact with their humans, trying to be everywhere in the house and garden, like a little shadow. If this attachment is not appreciated, one should steer clear of a Coton de Tulear...

Slightly demanding, though not very time-consuming when attended to regularly, is grooming. The long, cotton-soft hair is a typical feature of the Coton de Tulear – as the name suggests. The Coton de Tulear has no undercoat and no seasonal shedding. A Coton de Tulear should be bathed approximately every 3 to 5 weeks with a very good shampoo and conditioner. The "breeder you trust" will surely provide you with the necessary tools and show you how to proceed with bathing and brushing. It is not necessary to be particularly gentle with its coat; it can run and play outdoors in all weather conditions and at any time of the year.

With a size of 22-30 cm and a weight of up to 7 kg, the Coton de Tulear is a true small dog. Its coat color is white, or the overall impression should convey a white coat. Note: Even beautifully spotted puppies are usually white! It is desirable for the nose and eyelid edges to have good pigmentation, meaning they should be black. All breeders in the Coton de Tulear Club e. V. must have their breeding animals examined for knee problems (patellar luxation) at the beginning of breeding and at least every 2 years for eye diseases.

Who is a Coton de Tulear suitable for?

The Coton de Tulear is the perfect dog for families, seniors, singles, ...

It generally gets along excellently with children and other animals. It is very adaptable and can easily adjust to the respective life situation, whether in a city apartment or a house in the countryside. However, it is only suitable for people willing to share their lives with the dog. Living with such an intelligent animal is a great thing, but it must be clear that it will hopefully be a loyal companion and friend for 15 years, requiring time, patience, and money. While the Coton de Tulear doesn't need much, constant presence of a caregiver is almost mandatory, making them unsuitable for those working full-time unless they can be taken to work!

Our puppies are generally not released before the 9th week of life and never without having met the new family personally beforehand. As a responsible breeder, I am, of course, available as a contact person for a dog's lifetime and am delighted to receive occasional pictures or videos of the "Moseldorfschloss Lap Puppies" or see them again at our puppy meetings.

Males mark, females go into heat twice a year. Males are by no means less affectionate than females. No general gender-specific advantages or disadvantages can be stated because a dog's behavior is, like with humans, a matter of character and upbringing. The Coton de Tulear adapts extremely well to its family!