Welcome to the Cotons “vom Moseldorfschloss”!

The Cotons de Tuléar “vom Moseldorfschloss” originate from Sirzenich, situated north of Trier. It's located half an hour by car from Luxembourg and an hour from France and Belgium, in the beautiful state of Rhineland-Palatinate, bordering the Saarland.

My kennel name “vom Moseldorfschloss” has been internationally registered with the F.C.I. since September 2023. It combines “Mosel”, the nearby river, and “Dorfschloss” (small mansion), a name lovingly associated with my home by a dear friend.

I breed with the guidance of breeder Anni Vischer, who has been breeding Coton de Tuléar “vom Donauvillino” since 2003. I acquired my two “youngsters”, Zoë and Zelenia, from her. My puppies receive globally recognized VDH/F.C.I. pedigrees as I adhere to the strict breeding regulations of these organizations within the Coton de Tuléar-Club e.V.

Right from the start, they receive the best possible nutrition, age-appropriate grooming, and, above all, love and attention. By allowing the puppies to grow up alongside my other Cotons, all of whom freely roam indoors and the garden, I strive to prepare them excellently for their future lives. This investment pays off immensely in their later dog lives, whether they are companions or show dogs.

It's important to note: “A healthy and beautiful puppy isn't expensive; it's invaluable!”

Our puppies are not generally released before the 9th week of life, and they are never sent off on their own. I only arrange for personal pickup by the new owner after having met the new family in person.

As a responsible breeder, I am available as a contact for the entire life of the dog and am delighted to receive occasional pictures or videos.

If you wish to get to know me and my Cotons and are interested in my first litter, I look forward to receiving your inquiry!

Petra Planer

Phone +49 651 17067901
+49 151 2232 7866

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