Zoë vom Donauvillino

* 02/12/2021

PL 0/0, Eyes free of all eye diseases [03/09/2024], IVDD/N & CMR2 N/N (tested) & BNAt & SLC & vWD1 & PH1 & prcdPRA & DM clear (N/N) due to her parents tests

German Champion CTC

My name is Zoë vom Donauvillino, and I was born on February 12, 2021, along with my 3 siblings in Uttenweiler under the care of our breeder, Anni Vischer.

Our parents are Roxana vom Donauvillino and Bony Fuzzy Hearts. I spent 9 wonderful weeks with my two sisters, Zelenia and Zuria, and my brother Zacharia.

Today, I live near Trier in Sirzenich with my sister Zelenia vom Donauvillino. Zelenia, also known as Leni, was allowed to come with me, even though she is still a breeding dog for Anni Vischer.

On 04.03.2023, Leni gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies “vom Donauvillino”. All of them found wonderful families - thanks to Anni Vischer.

On 25.06.2024, Leni gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies “vom Donauvillino”.

I am lively, always up for a prank, and enjoy cuddle time with my owner, the family, and my sister Leni, as well as Amy and Bluma, who are also litter sisters and already 13.5 years old.

We are a fantastic pack!


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